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Project Smile AZ

Smiles for all
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We are two brothers who started the initiative of Project Smile AZ  to spread smiles and hope to patients who have been fighting COVID-19  all alone in the hospitals and anyone who is in need of a smile! 


With hospital rules to limit visitors, patients are extremely lonely and need a cheer me up thought. That’s exactly what our smile cards do!! We have shared close to 5000 Smile cards and have been donating them to hospitals across Arizona as well as other states, Veterans home and Nursing homes . Our goal is to bring a smile to everyone from A to Z 😊 We are sharing Kindness cards now to the homeless , Gratitude cards for essential workers, and soon, working on hope cards for cancer patients. Whatever your inspiration to help others, write a card!

We are very thankful to Governor Doug Ducey and Mayor Cathy Carlat, City of Peoria for their appreciation. We are thankful to Washington Post, Arizona republic , CNN international,  AZ  Family, FOX 10 News Phoenix ,ABC news, KJZZ and many other  media networks for sharing our story and making Project Smile AZ community bigger.

 We are making and sharing "Project Smile AZ Kits" for children who wish to contribute to make cards but are unable to do so due to lack of resources. Close to 130 kits have been donated to Crisis Centre Arizona as well as Children with Special needs at ACCEL. These smile kits are bringing smiles to those who get them as well as the cards made using them are bringing smiles to many more. Its a win-win !!!

We have successfully done a mask drive with over 500 cloth masks donated to those in need as well multiple food drive to help during pandemic.

You can support the project by sending us cards or cloth masks or  donations for kits by DMing us or mailing to our PO BOX

PO BOX 10477

Glendale, AZ 85318


Consider to become a Patreon or Paypal your donations to http://paypal.me/ProjectSmileAZ

We couldn’t have done it alone and are thankful to everyone who has been liking our page, sharing it and spreading smiles with us!!!



Project Smile AZ kits and cards.

Got a Pen? Then don't wait to write a motivational message and send our way!

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Community Service by Project Smile AZ


Wanna Help?

Donating cards to our project is the best way to support us but if cards aren't your thing.... We gotchu fam! Below this is an embedded version of our Patreon , join us and help support us  and see some exclusive posts to our Patreons. You can also click this:

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